Japanese Cultural Day at Burnside 2022


Wa Fu     BunkaSsai

2022 Japanese Cultural Day at Burnside Ballroom


Presented By AJA of SA 

Supported by Burnside Library

主催:AJA 協賛:バーンサイド図書館

Sunday Aug 7th 2022 11:00 to 16:00

At Burnside Ballroom, 401 Greenhill Road (B26), Tusmore SA 5065

After two years of Covid, we are happy to say that we are once again having a Japanese cultural day. 
Covid のために2年間途絶えていたジャパニーズカルチャーデーをまた開催できることになりました。

We are still doing this in conjunction with Burnside library but this year we will be trying a new venue, which is next to the library and is actually the Burnside Councils Ballroom.

As this event is the first one after a 2 year break and at  a different venue, it will be a bit of a trial however we think it will be a successful and exciting event especially if you all come. We are trying to make it very Japanese and as enjoyable as possible. We will have all our Japanese displays and foods and performances, so it will be a wonderful day.

If you are interested in helping this event, please email us on.

Follow this link to open our latest event program 


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